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Benefits of the Underflow Air Distribution (UFAD) in MEP Design

Now gone are the days of using the conventional overhead ducts for air-conditioning due to the latest concept of underflow air distribution. Before getting into the benefits of the air distribution (UFAD) in MEP design services, it is quite obvious to get acquainted with it in a better way.

There are a number of times when despite the working of the air conditioning, some people in the room may not feel comfortable. One of the prime reasons is that the heat waves from computers and other gadgets in the room also engulf the surrounding.

Now when the system is situated at the underflow options such as underfloor, the warm air from the gadgets rises high as per their nature and the cold air from the underfloor hence float with the room, keeping it fresh and maintained.

How is underflow air distribution beneficial?

Now, when the main concept of the system is known, it is will be much easier in knowing the benefits of such an MEP engineering design solution.

  • Thermal Control

With an improvement in the thermal control, it becomes much convenient today for the occupants of the room to control their set preferences, in comparison to the conventional systems.

  • Fresher air

When the warmer air is raising high, the chances of fresher air being close to the occupants are much more. This automatically improves the air condition of the indoor.

  • Lower Energy Cost

When the indoor atmosphere is fresher than before, this means the energy consumption will be under control too. Hence, the cost of consumption of the air conditioning will be lowered down in such a scenario.

  • Replacing Bulky Ducts

Bulky and huge ducts can at times really get messy. With this new system of HVAC design service, the heavy and bulky ducts can be easily replaced with smaller systems for the same purpose.

  • Better Results

When the environment of the room is improved upon, it automatically improves the moods and temperaments of the occupants in the room. This enhances the productivity of the occupants too. This, the system is not just great at lowering down the energy cost but also indirectly aids in improving the productivity level of the occupants.

UFAD is a new-world concept that can offer to improve the lifestyles in a much better way. With its introduction in the building, a lot many problems can be resolved such as the issue of improper circulation of the air, higher cost for the energies, and so on. Thus, the system is beneficial for the better comfort of the occupants in the room as well as the company in terms of finances and outcomes from the employees working in the environment.