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As – Built Design using Point Cloud Technology

Chemionix e-solutions Private Limited is an online outsourcing company whose headquarters are situated at Mumbai in India and it one of the most advanced and efficient companies in India to provide as-built design by using the technology of point cloud. The task that we do in the section of drawing generations and as-built design is we have a communicative team that receives the interrogation based on the company situated in India for developing as-built drawings and designs for their respective plants. You can generate the particular as-built drawing by visiting our site whose details are given below and rectifying the existent computer-aided designs for the piping and instrumentations. The sectional drawings, layout, and plans of the equipment, routings of electrical cable tray, piping GA drawings, utility piping, etc. are done as per the conditions of the actual site.

Now it comes the review of the deliveries and the approach of the Chemionix. Our team which does the engineering design of the Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical fields of engineering visit our site with our skill full computer-aided designers too. The measurement team is availed to us along with the necessary support with means of desk space. Our processing team of engineers overview and check the surviving piping and instrumentation design and also have an overview of the present conditions of the plant to mark the changes and modifications as the requirements of the actual site. The details of piping and instrumentation design field like the tag numbers of the equipments, the nozzles, the mock and the pipe sizes, the connection to the equipments, the details of the insulation and the connections of the utilities, etc. were noted to compare for the actual conditions at present on the existing piping and instrumentation design models. This is otherwise called as marking up of the red line. The modification of the reline mark up is done for the as-built piping and instrumentation design and drawings.

Last but not least, here comes the section where we are going to discuss the benefits that our clients take from us. At first, the outsourcing of this type of project helps our clients and customers to not disturb or trouble up to their existent technical team of the actual plant for employing on this drawing of the as-built design. The second point is that it does not require to recruit any new engineers specifically at least for this project which can be completed easily within a specific time. This process is already done in the past and has proven as a great advantage for the clients who avail Chemionix for point cloud modeling services. The technical team we provide can translate the data captured by the 3-dimensional laser scanner (as-built data) into highly precise and accurate 3D CAD drawings using the popular software such as MicroStation, Revit, SmartPlant 3D, and AutoCAD, AutoCAD being the most popular amongst those. Our technicians have finished numerous modeling projects of as-built successfully leaving our company to be one of the best companies to provide Point cloud outsource services.

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