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Accurate CAD Drafting from Scan Drawings

Pdf to cad conversion – Gone are the days to finalize designs using hand

Computer-Aided Design or CAD is the use of computer tools and applications that assists with the creation, modification, scrutiny or optimization of designs. CAD applications are very useful for people involved in designing, architects and people with civil or mechanical backgrounds. Its design services include Pdf to CAD conversion, 3d modeling, 2D drafting, fabrication designs, etc.


CAD can be used in a lot of applications such as in industrial and architectural design, designing curves and figures in 2-dimensional space or solids and surfaces in 3-dimensional spaces, in shipbuilding or aerospace industries. Nowadays it is also used in producing special effects in movies, advertisements and for computer animations.

Types of design services:

There can be following types of CAD design services:

  • 2D drafting:  Hand sketches or drawings are converted to CAD files.
  • 3D modeling: In this, hand sketches and drawings are converted to solid 3Dimensional models.
  • Fabrication drawings: These are mainly machine or mechanical drawings that include proper dimensioning also. It is incorporated in piping and structural forms.
  • Pdf to CAD conversion: the drawings which are in pdf format are converted to CAD files.
  • Microstation to CAD conversion: conversion from dgn to dwg is done.


Converting the pdf to CAD has numerous advantages. Gone are the days of finalizing designs using hands. The drawings can be stored in a more organized manner and misplacing of drawings is eliminated. Modification and reuse of drawings become easier. The converted cad file is immediately available and easy to transfer via email.

Initially, all the designing works were done using pen and paper and it is still a major practice to date. Now, with the advancement in technology, Paper to CAD conversion is possible. Just scan the image, convert it to pdf format and send it to any of the CAD designing companies which will convert your pdf to cad format at low costs which can be reused and edited as required. The generated CAD file is accurate and precise. Chemionix e-solutions Pvt Ltd. is one such company which provides you with this service.

The pdf to cad conversion is also possible using some software that does the same i.e. convert the pdf to cad format which is accurate and precise. The software at first may provide trial versions but for constant use, you will need to buy the license to the software which may turn out to be costly.

In such cases, you can always hire a company that provides pdf to cad conversion services at low costs and it may turn out to be beneficial for both the companies, i.e. the client and the provider company. Most of the company provides satisfactory and numerous services to the clients. These include maintaining the actual dimensions of the designs, maintaining international standards, template designs and appropriate scale size as per client wish and layer pattern and arrangements as per client needs. It is of high quality and is free from errors.

For the best available pdf to CAD conversion services, look no further than the trusted Chemonix e-solutions Pvt Ltd which provides you the services at competitive costs, high quality and stipulated time period.

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