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A Succinct Impression of the Features of Detail Engineering Design Services

A choice of companies like pharmaceuticals, oil and gas refineries, textile industries, auto industries, Agrochemicals, to name a few, have been endowed with detail engineering design services by Chemionix.  This service is a multi-facet engineering solution that dynamically utilizes sophisticated software for a blueprint of a process and 3D plant modeling. The high-quality cross-functional overhaul embraces a complete assortment of engineering services for piping, mechanical, civil, electrical, instrumentation, and such other domains.

Overview of detailed engineering design:

A swift overview of the Detail Engineering Design encompasses the below-mentioned aspects

System requirement design:

The process flow diagram and instrumentation diagram are prepared for both in and outside limits of the battery plant. For the calculation of pipe size, bill of materials, pipe routing, and isometric diagrams, intense piping engineering is performed. After that 2D and 3D models are cast which resembles the perfect replica of the under-construction plant. All this process involves appropriate mass and energy balance calculations which is very crucial. Then the fabrication of drawings and specific patterns of the equipment is obtained which aids in civil engineering drawings inclusive of foundation and structural designs. Myriad Engineering Design Consultants consider this process of system requirement designs quite vital.

Specification and designing of equipment:

A group of focused and trained engineers proffers absolute service to the customers for the designing of process equipment which incorporates process data reviewing, package design based on the detail engineering, purveyor scheme analyzing, inquiry requirement preparation and technical recommendation. The different ranges of process tools encompass heat exchangers, storage tanks, pressure vessels, distillation columns, and silos. An assortment of international as well as local codes, such as  ASME, BIS, API, TEMA, etc., Are extensively employed to accomplish engineering as proposed by the clients.

Process equipment design services:

An array of such services is listed hereunder for new fit modifications pertaining to the physical design, mixing process designs, heat exchanger design chemical reaction engineering. Besides, leakage and containment engineering, crystallization and distillation and separation engineering also fall under this category.

Typical engineering outsourcing services

  1. Mechanical design:

    Detail engineering and delivery of rotating and static tools and HVAC for large spectrum industries specifically come under mechanical design. The key marks of this design take in –

  • Mechanical Datasheets preparation.
  • Detailing and layout drawings grounding.
  • HVAC and design based piping.
  • Designing and packaging of tender documents.
  • Calculating the pressure drop and pipe sizes.
  • Drawings of manufacturing parts.
  • Heat load calculations.
  • Completing plant layout drawings in 2D.
  • Take off a list of the materials.
  1. Piping design: The various spectra of piping design services are listed below.
  • Specific piping material training.
  • Piping GA drawings preparation.
  • Modeling of equipment.
  • Clash detection techniques of piping models in 3D.
  • Generation of piping isometrics.
  • Analysis of stress.


The flow of the process and the technologies that are put in use are critically cross-examined by experienced and skilled teams of Detail Engineering Design Companies so that they can sustain a balance between theory and practical. They inculcate desired input for the successful transmission of technology from the lab to plant and also constitute an essential part of research and development to access the plant scale techniques.

Chemionix comes good with a plethora of engineering design services quite relentlessly.